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Precision fabrication and engineering specialist delivers 50 windows for cross channel ferry.

Solent Manufacturing in Waterlooville, Hampshire is well situated to serve boat builders, re-fitters and companies based in and around Portsmouth Harbour.

When a Portsmouth based ship repairer was commissioned by a ferry operator to replace a complete set of acrylic windows on one of their large twin-deck passenger catamarans, although there were over 50 windows needing replacing, time was short as re-launch was scheduled for just three weeks time.  Acrylic is the material of choice for ships and boats where keeping weight down is imperative; however a very specialist acrylic is required to withstand the eroding effects of salt water spray.

With the assistance of one of the UK’s largest acrylic sheet suppliers, Solent Manufacturing was able to import acrylic sheet material from Germany, collect, template, drill and refit the windows ahead of deadline.

It was only with the total commitment and determination by Solent’s suppliers and their dedicated team that it was possible to complete this order in time. 

A quick turnaround for an order with such a short lead time is only possible from a flexible and committed company such as Solent Acrylic.

Precision Fabrication and Engineering specialist Solent Acrylic, Waterlooville, Hampshire, takes delivery of a Tekcel Series E CNC Router.

This latest addition to their impressive portfolio of machinery and tooling, will enable Solent to further enhance their offering to customers who are increasingly realising the advantages of having their products manufactured from acrylic plastics, a highly versatile material which can be sawn, formed, moulded and polished in transparent or coloured finishes.

Solent’s new router is big enough to handle the largest sheet materials and tough enough to make light work of the heaviest production demands. This router is so precise that it can brand acrylics with a company logo for example, during the nested cutting and profiling process, so that the customer’s end products are delivered with that personal finish.

By harnessing the advantages of the latest plant and machinery, Solent has consistently managed to remain competitive in an increasingly price sensitive business. Yet Solent manages to offer the precision, customer service and attention to detail which has made them the number one supplier of fabricated services for many of their customers.

Solent Acrylic's head office and manufacturing is located in Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK.


Solent Acrylic takes delivery
of a Tekcel Series E CNC Router

This latest addition to its impressive portfolio of machinery and tooling will enable Solent to further enhance their offering to customers.